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The latest technology in cooling system designed for laser skin procedures.

CoolBlast air cooling system is provided with the Lasermar 1500, or can be purchases as a stand alone medical device.

CoolBlast is an advanced air cooling system which can be paired with any major Laser Hair Removal or Laser Tattoo Removal device.

CoolBlast enables the constant delivery of cold air, before during and after treatment, without interfering with the laser beam, unlike cryogen sprays, contact cooling and ice packs. This, in turn, reduces time taken to anaesthetise.

CoolBlast air cooling reduces discomfort associated with treatments and minimises risk of thermal injury or laser burns. CoolBlast can also be provide a topical anaesthetic for dermatological treatments and to provide a numbing effect during injections.

Clinical trials have shown that cooling the skin’d surface, with cold air, reduces patient sensitivity and ensures a more comfortable, painless treatment.

The skin cooling system designed for superficial laser skin
procedures and sub cutaneous laser procedures.